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Welcome to our Vegan b&b!

"What did you say? Vegan? "


We hope you enjoy the modern interior of our house, a mansion built in 1905. 


In the morning we welcome you downstairs for breakfast in our modern dining room  where we can give you tips about Bruges.

"But you say Vegan?"
Indeed! We ourselves eat
vegan and see this as a way of life that strives to avoid all forms of animal (tested) products, as well as possible and practically feasible.


Did you know that vegan food is better for the environment, good for your health, friendly to the animals and above all very tasty?


By offering a vegan breakfast our vegan guests don’t need to ask themselves "is this vegan?". 


We especially want to introduce our non-vegan guests to new products and show that very tasty plant based  alternatives exist for almost all products with animal ingredients. But also that new tastes are often discovered through the search for vegan alternatives! For example, at breakfast, Tiny will welcome you with homemade creations or start the day with a healthy vegetable/fruit slowjuice shot. 


Have fun in Bruges!


OOh, and we also play together in a band! :) A combination of electronic music and new wave! Please check us out on spotify: We Are Ooh People

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Singel 10, 8000 Brugge

GPS location : 

(51.20317, 3.212)

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